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Sure, you can find a job, but is it the right job for your career and you?

The perfect job is waiting for you, use your true passions to design your career.

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“After years of focusing on the company, with John’s help, I focused on me. Now I work for a company I love, doing what I love.”

The Career Design Journey

All About You Meeting

This is a two-hour session to discuss you – what you like, what you don’t like, your skills, what is important to you, you get the idea.

Career Grade Sheet

This is what you’ll use to evaluate any opportunity in front of you. It is a career thumbprint, your true north.

Toolbox of Resources

You know what you are looking for. Now, use these tools to get your perfect job.

“If you have the option of doing something you really love for a living, you should do it.”

About John

John Kepley
  • 18 years as a recruiter
  • 15 years as an entrepreneur
  • ¼ million resumes reviewed
  • 7 years as a career coach

John is Founder and CEO of Teknetex, Inc., a technology specific talent acquisition and consulting firm headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee. As an award-winning entrepreneur and human capital professional, Kepley is considered a subject matter expert in recruiting and human resources for information systems consulting.

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Career Design Coaching for Businesses

Career Design Coaching also works for your organization! If you're not helping your employees grow, someone else will.
Ask us about how we can help you better understand your staff's talents and aspirations and put them to work for you.

“John helped me discover me again and find a job that is perfect for me. This process changed my life.”